How to Win a Giveaway!

If you don’t already know, Lamarque is one of my absolute favourite brands. They’re a bit on the pricey side if you’re a young, part-time working gal like me (the struggle is real). However, I have been lucky enough to own some great pieces from them. 

I describe the brand using three words: simple, luxurious, edgy.

Whether it's their killer leather jackets, sexy bodysuits, or everyday leather leggings, there’s a piece for everyone. Allowing one to show their unique style while, staying within the realm of 'standing out without trying too hard'. 

Recently, they had a four day giveaway for their Limited Edition burgundy feather Deora jacket. I immediately fell in love. For three days I followed the rules and hoped for the best but, after I hadn’t won I realized I’m honestly not the luckiest person when it comes to this kind of stuff. I’ve entered some competitions in my day, bought those lotto tickets and never f*$%ing won (sorry I’m still a bit bitter). 

On the final day of their giveaway, Lamarque decided they would be rewarding the winner with not only one but, TWO Deora Limited Edition jackets. This time the contest would be open for 2 days, this was my final shot at finally winning, . 

The rules were simple: like the picture and tag a friend. The only way to win was for the account to scroll through the comments and randomly select your name. 

Okay, so if you saw my insta, you know I already won. So let's get to the juicy part... how?

Spam, spam, spam. 

For two days, I checked back on the post every 5-10 minutes, if I wasn’t the last one in the comment section then I would tag a friend/family member 6-10 times. 

Eventually I realized, if I actually added a comment with my tag it would take up more space and a better chance at the finger scroll landing on me. 

So every five minutes, I checked back and again, if I wasn’t the last person in the comment section, I tagged someone (sorry mom… and sisters) five times and added a long enough comment to take up some space. 

By the second day, I was self-diagnosed with slight obsession. But I was too deep in, I actually ended up sending a message to the company just to let them know how much it would mean to me to win. Showing appreciation, if nothing else, can just make someone else feel good even if it may not have increased my chances of winning. 

Some times were tough - other girls caught on to what I was doing and started copying me with my tactics. So, the 5 minute intervals turned into hour long comment battles - I would comment five times just to refresh the post and see my competitor had managed to comment too. Sh*t.

It was rough you guys, I got temporarily blocked multiple times, but perseverance and determination are key. 

I kept at it, and finally I won something! 

Thanks for listening, and if you’re tryna win something, well, may my experience help you!

✗ ✗ ✗

I paired this beauty with a sparkle Jay Godfrey dress

Deora jacket

paired with sparkle Jay Godfrey dress