How to Eat Your Way Through London & Amsterdam

To be completely honest, I've never been a HUGE foodie (I also am not the biggest fan of the word 'foodie', but that's a different story). Recently, I've stepped outside my comfort zone to try foods I would have never even allowed on my plate, and my tastebuds have been awakened. My food journey through London & Amsterdam will have you putting some of these restaurants on your 'must-try' list. 

Happy Donuts - Portobello Road Market, London, UK

If you've ever tasted a donut, you would know it's ah-mazing. BUT, a Happy Donuts takes it to the next level. Being the chocolate connoisseur that I am, the chocolate frosting topped with chocolate flakes really hit the spot. While the light vanilla custard filling was the cherry on top! Located on Portobello Road makes for the perfect spot to grab one and still continue exploring the many enticing shops along the way. If you're not already smiling, maybe the UK Groupon they have will! 

Let's move on to some well-deserved lunch.

Balan's Soho Society - Kensington High Street, London, UK 

Smashed Avocado Bruschetta - £8

Smashed Avocado Bruschetta - £8

Remember how I told you how food adventurous I had recently become? Exhibit A. I've tried Guac (and throughly enjoyed it) but, this was my first time trying avocado (I know, I know). This was the perfect open-face sandwich. The quinoa is healthy and filling so, although the meal looks a bit small, it was very filling. The halloumi cheese is a lighter cheese but still delicious, and if you LOVE balsamic (like I do), then this is the choice for you. They also have a ton of other great menu items that you can see right here! We stumbled upon this place while walking along the busy high street in Kensington. The staff was very friendly, the decor was beautiful (picture a tree centrepiece growing through a table), and the cappuccino was delicious. What else could you ask for?

Joe & The Juice - Hampstead High Street, London, UK 

Joe's Club - between £6 - £9

Joe's Club - between £6 - £9

Joe & The Juice is another great lunch spot for something a bit more casual and quick. While, the chain can be seen throughout London, the Hampstead location makes for an appeasing view. Continuing with my avocado theme, I got the specialty Joe's Club which, is a bit pricer than the 'regular' sandwiches. Flatbread filled with chicken, avocado, tomato and pesto. It was honestly delicious and the perfect size. Pair it with one of their many healthy juices or a simple coffee. 

Greenberry - Primrose Hill, London, UK 

All day breakfasts are seriously my thing. I would eat pancakes for dinner every night if I could. Regardless, Greenberry is the most satisfying spot for any time of day. I got a massive pancake topped with all kinds of berries, cheese, and syrup. It was way too big and I couldn't finish it, but nonetheless, absolutely delicious!

All in all, London can quite expensive when it comes to meals. Don't be afraid to splurge a little and really enjoy every bite! 

Proeflokaal A. van Wees - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Chicken Satay -  €15,50

Chicken Satay - €15,50

Since we haven't even touched upon dinner, I'm taking you to a little spot on Herengracht street. It's definitely not hard to find a beautiful view in Amsterdam, our hotel recommended this place for their flavourful food and home-crafted gin. I took another big risk with this particular choice since, the menu doesn't say much about it. It was basically a large stick of chicken satay, with some slices of baguette, and two small servings of I'm not entirely sure (but tasted good). I didn't love this dish, simply because the chicken is doused in a peanut bbq sauce, as someone who is not fond of nuts, it was hard to enjoy. BUT on a much positive note, Heineken is cheaper than water in Amsterdam.

Restaurant de Lunch - Volendam, Netherlands

Chicken Schnitzel -  €12,50

Chicken Schnitzel - €12,50

Another lunch or dinner option in the gorgeous Volendam! I am slightly obsessed with chicken schnitzel, if you are too, this could be the perfect meal (it's even rated the second best restaurant in Volendam on TripAdvisor)! And while it may not be the sole reason to take a trip to the countryside but, definitely worth it once there. Their menu is pretty big and contains lots of fish and other meat items too. Don't forget to grab an unforgettable stroopwaffle next door. 

Il Panorama - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Il Panorama

How could I forget about dessert right? To be completely honest, when we came across Il Panorama, we were actually searching for late night pancakes (shocker right?). Instead, we got chocolate molten lava cake and Bailey's coffee. I'm most definitely not complaining as this is a dessert lover's dream! This place is awesome since it's close to the centre street, open late and not super pricey. The cake was rich and the coffee had just the right amount of Bailey's. 

Don't forget to indulge in Amsterdam's creamy cheese and cheap beer! 

Already tried these restaurants or have some of your own you think should be added to the list? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!