How to Pack, Travel, and be Trendy All at the Same Time

Okay, so you’ve booked your plane ticket, and you’ve updated your FB status. Fast forward to three days before departure and now you have to pack. F*&k! This is always the trickiest part of travelling and possibly the most frustrating. The struggle between trying to look trendy and fit everything into one case is REAL. But, fret no more because… I teamed up with fashion blogger HeelsnHashtags to help me (and all of you) pack just right for your trip! We chose to narrow it down to a European destination that is among many topping the charts for best travel stops 2k17 (think Spain, Italy, France). Whenever travelling I always want to be able to fit in with the locals, I cringe at the thought of looking like a typical tourist and find comfort in someone randomly talking to me in their native tongue. Like OMG, you think I could be *flattered*.

ANYWAYS, let’s get down to it! We selected six key outfits that give you the flexibility to mix and match so you never have to wear the same attire more than once.

Get out your pen and paper and take some notes ladies.

Start by looking for shirts that are lightweight and can be paired with multiple bottoms. Select prints such as, floral. Not only is floral fashionable right now but it shows you’re a fun person and enjoy embracing life. The ‘off the shoulder’ look is another fashionable trend that’s great for the heat. No matter what, you’re gonna look good and BONUS! Those pits are gonna have added breathing room. It’s a win-win.

Floral shirt:  Forever21   Jeans:  H&M   Shoes:  Aldo

Floral shirt: Forever21

Jeans: H&M

Shoes: Aldo

Pair an 'off the shoulder' floral top with a high-waisted jean and a comfortable slip on sneaker and prepare to take on a jam packed day of exploring. Remember to add a choker in order to take your outfit to the next level.

Another perfect daytime look is a lightweight tank (again, prints are IN) with a high-waist denim look skirt. A denim look is beneficial since the material is thinner (meaning more room in your suitcase) and less annoyance in the summer heat. Nobody likes being sweaty with denim on. Nobody. You can wear the same slip on sneakers that make site-seeing comfortable and complete the outfit.

Shirt: BB Dakota

Shirt: BB Dakota

Rompers and jumpsuits are a must for a European adventure. Not only is it a trendy look, but can easily transition from day to night by adding a simple pair of booties and either a thin leather jacket or faux fur vest. Chambray is another ‘denim look’ material that is trending and summery (see picture number 1 below).

Green is definitely a go this season. Make sure to pack a pair of high-waisted forest green or khaki green jeans. (You’ll be thanking me later for all this high-waisted talk when you’re eating like an expectant mother of sextuplets because “f*ck it! I’m in France”). Choose to pair your jeans with a turtleneck tank, an essential transitioning piece. The sleeveless-ness makes it a bearable daytime heat piece, while the turtleneck section looks great with a leather jacket or faux fur vest for night time festivities.


Don’t forget a cute bathing suit and sun hat, and you’re ready to jet-set outta here!

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