Montreal: A Photo Journal

I only live a five hour drive from beautiful Montreal, Quebec. That's it. That's like two movies back-to-back, and up until recently I hadn't been there in 10 years *insert shocked face*. Catch all my favourite highlights below:

Taco heaven stumbled upon while walking to the Old Port from Griffintown. 

Montreal mural festival happens every year in the month of June. Talented artists take over the streets and new art is etched on the walls only adding to the city's beauty and vibe. 

And yes, I want a burrito. 

Grab a Bixi Bike (free on Sundays) and take a ride through Montreal's fabulous neighbourhoods. The Plateau and Mile End have lovely houses and interesting history. One moment, you'll notice the multitude of duplex and triplex homes, once built to keep large working class families in close proximity to their jobs. Notice the sense of community that living closer to other families creates. Another, you will see huge homes surrounded by quaint coffee shops and restaurants. 

Merci pour votre beauté Montreal