5 Other Places to Visit in Indonesia Besides Ubud

If you’ve ever had the chance to visit Ubud you would know it’s absolutely beautiful. The lush land makes it perfect amount of “Wow! I feel like I’m in the jungle - How cool is that?!” and just enough of that “OH civilization” feeling. Ubud is actually a small town situated in Bali, part of one of the thousands of islands that make up a vast Indonesia. Plunge into the Balinese culture by taking part in jewellery making, temple touring, rice field viewing and villa living. It really is spectacular.

And while I only spent less than a week in Ubud, it doesn’t take long to notice the large amount of tourism which, is well great for the city… it’s a lil bit hard to connect while twenty others are pushing to do the same thing. So, I’ve compiled a short list of a few other cities that wouldn’t mind feeling the love too! Fellow travellers explain why these cities may just be even better than Ubud.

1. Seminyak

One word, well more like one phrase: luxury living.

Seminyak is actually a beach resort area in the southern area of Bali. I’m talking luxury hotels, villas, spas, shopping and you guessed it… FOOD! Does it get better? I think not. It’s a bit of a tourist hot spot but not as much as Ubud.

A go-to must? The Potato Head.

“It’s arguably the coolest place in Bali. Decorated using plantain-style house shutters and looking like an amphitheater from the outside. Once you walk in you’re eyes widen to ocean front views, stylish bungalows and a swim up bar. You can spend the day drinking Sangria, ordering burgers, chips, meat-boards and anything your drunken-heart desires. Once the sun goes down they have DJs and performers to shift the party vibes up a notch.”

- Katie Lockhart @findyourhappyplate

If you’re gonna hit up the Potato Head (which you are, duh) make sure to get there before it opens to secure a spot!

The Potato Head, Seminyak

The Potato Head, Seminyak

Looking for a more peaceful oasis? The Seminyak Beach Resort.

“This stunning and elegant beachfront resort sits next to the famous beach club, Ku De Ta, so it’s easy to find. I stumbled upon it after a walk on the beach trying to catch the sunset. There were lounge chairs surrounded by open lily ponds, tables and a perfect view of the ocean. Traditional Balinese flowers and trees decorates the modern space. I was the only one there and it was the perfect atmosphere to sip my mango cocktail and watch the sun dip below the ocean.”

- Katie Lockhart

Seminyak Beach Resort

Seminyak Beach Resort

Find more from Katie! Check out her blog: findyourhappyplate.co

2. Yogykarta

Immerse yourself in some cultural beauty.

“A bustling art and cultural hub, Yogykarta is full of stores, markets, and lots of chaos. Although the city is known for large sidewalks, pedestrians have to compete with motorcyclists and horse carriages. If you’re looking to see stunning temples and ruins this is the place to do so. Borbodor Temple is best for sunrise, we walked through a hotel to a temple with many layers. Although it was full of tourists, everyone was quiet and respectful helping to keep this a peaceful and serene experience.We visited the Prambanan Temple in Yogykarta. The intricate architecture expanded for way more than expected, surrounded by ruins. Make sure to stay and watch the picture perfect sunset.”

- Lindsay Birbrager @lindsaybirbrager

3. Gili T Island

Party the night away with an ocean view.

“In Gili, pretty much anything goes. Everyone is there to enjoy the immeasurable beauty of the island, and above all, have a great time! I stayed at the backpackers hostel, which is all about the par-tay. There is a huge pool in the middle of the hostel that is the source of all daytime fun. In the evening, the hostel staff push all the dining tables together in the middle of the common room and everyone is invited to play a giant game of beer pong together before going out. If you do choose to drink stay clear of Vodka Joce… whatever anyone tells you, this stuff is poison and will ultimately kill you. It's essentially a bag of synthetic orange powder mixed in with vodka, and the only person who came out of that experience without developing PTSD was an English fellow who basically resides at hostel for about a third of a the year. Having travelled to Gili on my own, I really enjoyed staying at the Backpackers, the place was designed in such an interactive and open way. Everyone hung out together, ate together and went out together. Aside from the partying, and the awesome people I met, the thing that truly made me fall in love with Gili was the natural beauty of the island. Oh, and don’t forget to go snorkelling - you won’t regret it.”

- Tea Forenbacher @teashlove

4. Lombok

Chase some waterfalls and maybe hike a mountain while you’re at it.

“Lombok is an easy ferry ride from Gili Islands, we hired a driver to take us to the Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep waterfall. It was absolutely breathtaking (like most waterfalls [insert heart eyes]); definitely worth the day trip if not otherwise staying in Lombok.”

- Lindsay Birbrager

… aaannd if you want to challenge yourself before basking in the refreshing water, take a hike on Mount Rinjani!

5. Krakatoa Volcano

Want a once in a lifetime experience? Spend a night camping on a volcano.

“The day’s activities of snorkelling and climbing the active volcano were fun. But my documentation took place after the sun went down. I sat with my toes dug deep in the black, squishy volcanic sand. Specks glistened reflecting the moonlight. The stars surrounded me 360 degrees so I felt as if i was encapsulated in the speckled dome. I could make out the silhouette of a humble monstrous volcano surrounded by some low hanging clouds. As the gentle rolling waves broke the shore, tiny iridescent plankton lit up making the water illuminate. The smell of salt and a bit of sulphur filled my nostrils. This was peace. This was my dome of dark and sparking wonder.”

- Amy Slawson

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