Top 5 Black Friday Deals for Any Traveler

Edit: Wow Air is no longer a flight carrier, it ceased operations in March 2019

We all know traveling can rack up quite the bill and with the holidays just around the corner, what could be better than some Black Friday deals? Nothing. Compiled below is a list of the top five discounts for ANY type of traveler - the frequent flyer, the wanderlust junky, or casual vacationer - this list is for you!

1. WOW Air is offering one-way tickets for AS LOW AS $150 

You could fly from Toronto to Reykjavik (highly suggested) for $159.99 or Montreal to Amsterdam for $179.99. These prices and flights are just the tip of the iceberg! Travellers can fly to many other European countries via Iceland from Canada and the US for next to nothing. 

Wow Air Black Friday Deals

Via Wow Air

If Iceland is your choice destination, don't forget to check out these Iceland travel tips + how to catch the Northern Lights!

2. G Adventures 30% Travel Tours

G Adventures is having one of their BIGGEST sales of the year with 30% off over 200 different group tours! This is very exciting considering G is known for having amazing travel packages and giving their consumers incredible experiences. 

G Adventures

Via G Adventures

3. TravelPro Luggage from Macy's more than 50% Off

TravelPro luggage has been rated as some of the best quality suitcases for travellers by companies like Forbes due to it's high quality products and extensive durability. All important factors to look for when choosing to transport your goods with you on that special trip! Thankfully, Macy's and Hudson's Bay are having fabulous Black Friday deals with cases priced at more than 50% off their regular pricing.

4. Second Nature Boutique clothing and accessories 20%-25% off 

If you live in Toronto and have a love for high-end fashion (but not so much the bank account to support this love affair) then, Second Nature Boutique is the place for you. AND if you don't live in Toronto (and still have this love affair), some of their best designer items are coming to life online. 

5. Aria Travel Kit 10% off when you spend $80 or more

This one may not sound like the best deal ever, but rest assured the Aria travel kit is highly praised for having some really awesome products that any traveler longs for. The kit really includes high quality goods and every item has been though-out with a purpose in mind. 

Aria Deal

So there you have it! Happy Black Friday/Cyber Monday and be sure to comment your favourite deals below! 

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