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The rooftop pool at The Poli House

check out // 9 best restaurants in tel aviv

If you’ve made it to Tel Aviv, you’re definitely in luck - with so much beauty all around there’s so much to get done. Expectations run high in this city, boasting some of the best beaches in the world, amazing shopping, exciting nightlife, and food that will do more than just satisfy. And with such an abundance of amazing food option in Tel Aviv, it can be overwhelming of where to begin. Take a look at this list I’ve compiled of some of the best restaurants to try in Tel Aviv!


Who am i?

You can call me Rems. 

I started this blog during my semester abroad in Singapore and honestly didn't think anything of it. While I've always had a creative knack, words were never my go-to. For five months I documented my experiences.

When I couldn't sleep, I wrote.

I came to the realization that seeing my thoughts in front of me had the ability to calm my anxious mind (and also my mom became a huge fan).

I loved sharing my travel stories and the many lessons I had learned from experiencing new places and began contributing to other travel blogs. Sadly, I am not a full-time traveller (yet) so, I decided to talk about all the other lifestyle topics I may know a thing or two about.

Here you can find all the things we may share an immense passion for.