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Cruise port Nassau, Bahamas

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There are road trips, there are plane rides, and then there are cruises. All of these travel methods create unique experiences. Recently, I went on my very first cruise… and it was truly a completely different way to vacation. I had no idea there was so much to prepare beforehand and learned a lot of tips that helped make my first cruise a great one. Take a look at this list I’ve compiled of some must-knows before taking your first cruise!


Who am i?

You can call me Rems. 

I started this blog during my semester abroad in Singapore and honestly didn't think anything of it. While I've always had a creative knack, words were never my go-to. For five months I documented my experiences.

When I couldn't sleep, I wrote.

I came to the realization that seeing my thoughts in front of me had the ability to calm my anxious mind (and also my mom became a huge fan).

I loved sharing my travel stories and the many lessons I had learned from experiencing new places and began contributing to other travel blogs. Sadly, I am not a full-time traveller (yet) so, I decided to talk about all the other lifestyle topics I may know a thing or two about.

Here you can find all the things we may share an immense passion for.